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  • Role Of The School And The Teacher In Developing And Fostering Creativity
  • Creativity children are constantly probing, discovering, imagining, fantasizing, asking questions, guessing and wondering. Therefore, they should be encouraged to ask unusual questions, to explore new ways of thinking, to try novel approaches to problem solving, to play with ideas and material and use divergent ways of  dealing with traditional topics ... Read More

  • Principles Or Laws Of Learning And The Teacher
  • While teaching, the teacher has to keep in view the following principles of learning so that learning becomes effective, efficient and inspirational: Principal or Law of self-learning: It is now universally accepted in a ‘learning society’ that it is not so important as ‘to how much to learn’ but it ... Read More

  • Activities For Developing Spoken And Written Language
  •   Providing opportunities to children for free conversation among themselves and between the teachers. Providing opportunities for listening to the recorded programmes of songs, stories, dramas, etc. Providing opportunities for participation in story telling, dramatization, etc. Providing opportunities for recitation of nursery rhymes and singing of songs. Providing opportunities to children ... Read More

  • Activities For Developing Readiness And Writing
  • The process of writing implies finer muscular coordination. It implies the development of small muscle control, eye span and then eye-hand coordination so that children are able to use their physical skills in written expression. Introduction of activities pertaining to drawing of straight lines and curves to facilitate the skill ... Read More